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across the south. some of the action may impact us by early late tonight. enjoy the evening and the start tomorrow. we'll start to talk how they change later. >>> a day of rage in egypt. we have the latest on the continuing chaos, confusion and violence as demonstrators clash with security forces. >> reporter: night fell in egypt and with the muslim brotherhood called the day of rage. the clouds have dispersed in a massive fire still burned in downtown cairo. earlier today thousands of demonstrators took to the street. a response to wednesday's horrific violence that killed hundreds. the egyptian military responded with a show of force. they are in the alexandria and squares ceiling off pedestrians and vehicles. security forces are using am e -- ammunition. the egypt is a key u.s. ally in the region and the u.s. is invested there. more than $1 billion in military aid is set aside for egypt. yesterday president obama said that the violence must stop. >> the egyptian people deserve better than what we have seen over the last several days. >> reporter: a white house advisor told abc news tha
the latest details all day long. for the latest breaking news, you can find us at twilter at abc2 -- twitter at abc2 news. >> christian people have been charge -- targeting jewish people. >> reporter: it lies at the heart of this spat between jewish leaders and a group of california girls. they went door to door spreading a christian appeal to people in jewish neighborhoods and some local jewish leaders started death flooded with complaints. >> what they're saying is you can accept jesus and also be jewish and there's not a rabbi from the established jewish community had would upset that. >> our forefathers fought for the freedom of religion. for me to be offended for someone to knock on my door with appeals of literature asking me to embrace their high deals and their religion, i think, would in some way short circuit what american society and a free society handle mock cra si stand -- and democracy stands for. >> reporter: the young women were provided with lodging and transportation. you'll hear from him and the california multimillionaire behind this work coming up at 6:00. >>> after a t
to be dry and warm. >>> updating you on breaking news out of texas where the former u.s. army psychiatrist has been convicted in the fort hood shoot -- shooting rampage. the trial now goes to the sentencing phase where the death penalty is a possibility. >>> he's been the man in charge of one of our country's most secretive and important agencies for more than a decade. he knows where all the bodies are buried. robert mueller opens up to abc news, including what he sees as the greatest threat we're facing. >> reporter: outgoing fbi director robert mueller is offering a sober assessment. he told pierre thomas what keeps him up at night. >> the possibility of a plane being taken down. a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of a terrorist. >> reporter: mueller warned about another danger, americans joining islam mick radicals. do you believe some americans have made their way to syria? yes. >> reporter: he says fror groups and individuals have -- terror groups and individuals have my great to many areas in the middle east. >> it changed from september 11th where it was al qaeda, afghanista
are investigating. we brought you this story first on twitter. for the latest brake break, you can find us -- breaking news, you can find us on twitter. >>> harford county sheriff's office officials said seth beckman stormed into several businesses, including a snow bam stand on saturday before he was confronted by a sheriff's deputy who ended up shooting him. his father said he had a history of mental illness. beckman's father said he believes his son was on drugs at the time. the fashes said those drugs, bath salt and spice are popular in m kids believe they mimic the high from marijuana but they're much stroarnlg. social media spreads the information. >> how to get it, the effects of it. some folks even use social media as a distribution hub for both bath salts and k2 and spice. there are plans that make the selling it illegal. the dea said they're often fond in mom and pop gas station and corner stores. >>> moms and dads check ot our home page with all the stories on synthetic drugs. >>> a former morgan state university student charged with killing a man and cannibalizing some of his o
time. >> reporter: florida is the number one spimpg hole capital of the u.s. they form when lime stone underground is eaten away by wart. without the support of the lime stone, the ground above can give way at any moment. one florida contractor said that sinkholes are a big business there. >> we underpin anywhere from 30 to 40 homes. >> reporter: metal rods are used to bracket a home. it's not cheap, anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. today guests at summer bay resort are still in shock. authorities are investigating what caused the sinkhole. officials said 48 three-story units har total loss. karen travers, abc, washington. >>> and a pileup in virginia. both ans were shut down for hours after a crash yesterday evening started a chain relax that left cars on top of cars and several people hurt. crews worked all night to get all the debris out of the road. officials said none of the injuries were life-threatening. >>> much better traffic news for those who have been suffering through the closure of the stoney creek bridge in anne arundel county. the road has been reopened after five week
. if you're following on us twitter, then you knew about it before anyone else. follow us at abc2. >>> a man is under arrest accused of defrauding an anne arundel roofing and siding company. they say he would place an order for shingles under the company's name and then put the material up for seam under craigslist and the company would be billed. >> this is fairly unusual. we don't have many cases like this and the person absolutely knew what three were doing to be able to orchestrate something like this. it was a $3800 transaction. we were able to recover the rooftop shingles. >> he is charged with felony theft and identity fraud no now to an abc exclusive. 21-year-old brendan mcdonough lost 19 brothers in june but the sole survivor is speaking out about what happened that terrible day. mcdonough would have been with the other 19 who died in the fire but the captain made a decision to save his life. he was put on lockout, which meant he had to look on from a distance as his fellow firefighters were swept up by fire. >> i was still with our vehicles in one of the buggies. i could
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trying to figure out who fired the bullet. it comes months after real guns were accidentally used at a training exercise in reisterstown and earlier this year a university of maryland trainee was shot. >>> he may not have announced his candy da spie yet but gubernatorial candidate doug gansler is facing questions about comments he made. gansler was recorded at a meeting last month in annapolis saying lieutenant governor anthony brown's slogan is vote for me. i want to be the first african-american governor of maryland. his campaign strategy sent us a response reading, in part, help understands that taking out of his context, his words could be misinterpreted by some and for that he's deeply disappoint and said the brown campaign will try to mount a personal attack. lt. brown's campaign denied they were involved in the recordings but said the comments were out of touch with maryland's values. >>> a night at the ballpark ends in trage. a fan falls to his death at a braves game, what police say he was doing just before the accident. >>> planning a trip to ravens stadium thursday? the
stuff out there. through the evening we will fall into the mid to low 70s. that will set us up for quite the weekend forecast. those details ahead. >> thank you. surprising new developments tonight as bradley manning just a day after being sentenced to 35 years in jail has announced he wants to be called chelsea and he is a woman. he released a statement saying he wants to start hormone replacement therapy. the attorney said he doesn't know if the prison will cover the cost but if they refuse he plans to force them. >> now to a sad update in the case of a missing 12-year-old missouri girl we told you first last night at five. adriana horton's family said her family has been found. police haven't confirmed it's her yet. horton was last seen monday at a park near her home where witnesses say she got into a car. police tracked down the car and driver and charged him with kidnapping. tonight we have learned the man bobby born junior used to work for her dad. >> and the woman who lost her arm to a shark has died. she was j -- she fought to stay alive for a week at a local hospital. just f
said she never came home. her 15-year-old daughter used her smart phone gps and found it was dumped off a highway. police also found her car two miles away. >> it rained last night. floodwaters are rising high in parts of the midwest and trapping people in their homes including a mom and her baby. rescue crews had to be called in. >> dogs rescued from terrible hoarding conditions. >> and wildfires rage in southern california. vacantes waiting to here if their homes will be destroyed. . >>> we have a baby rescued from high floodwaters in nashville. the little one and the mother were trapped in the rising water, crews helped get everybody to dry ground safely. >> and rains continued to hit the midwest. parts of missouri have seen 17 inches of rain since the weekend. roads washed out. there are homes that are now under water. >> get all the water out and i'm sure that the lakes are full, i mean -- i just really don't know. you can see it's a mess. >> across the midwest the heavy rains may slow down but the high water, that will take a little bit of time to run off. >> backyard james
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)